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Mango Pastries

Mango Pastries from Fresh creamz, It's a chocolate free pastries. This pastries made by white sponge, With mango flavour. Mango pastries have the three layer of sponge with mango flavour. Fresh Creamz bakery give a unique chocolate carvings on top of the pastries. Finishing of Fresh Creamz Mango Pastries is very good. its a light weight desert. So we can have it after heavy meals also. if you want to have the Mango on un session, You will have Fresh Creamz Mango Pastries, That will satisfy you. We care to let your loved one feel how much you love them. .. we deliver the exact feeling of your love through the flavor and design of our cake. We Promise you, We deliver the same cake model and flavor what you have order.